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Why We're Here?

Roadside Media UK2 Limited provide a professional service to our clients, helping them to reach their targeted audience through outdoor media advertising. From traditional paper & paste to premium digital billboards. Clients use our prime advertising space, connecting brands to consumers.


Our "One-Stop-Shop" service provides our clients with a single point of contact for all of their needs. We invest in the latest materials and technology, but most of all we invest our time in our clients, ensuring they have a hassle free experience.


Why Choose Out of Home Advertising?

Unlike other forms of advertising, OOH advertising is visible 24/7

Outdoor media can’t be fast-forwarded, can’t be skimmed through, chucked away & you can’t change the channel. It’s always on – 24/7.

Outdoor advertising reaches consumers in places where others are unable to – talking to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Out Of Home has been proven to increase consumer trust; strengthening your brand and message.


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Where required, we deal with planning requirements for sites that we have been instructed to operate on, taking the hassle away from our clients.



We have great relationships with our contractors that build and install our billboards, ensuring all building, health & safety regulations are met.



We fully insure & maintain all our outdoor media displays, making sure that they are at their optimal visual use.



We offer a design service when required, designing advertising displays that connect brands with consumers in targeted areas.

How much does outdoor advertising cost?

Our costs differ in price based on the location, booking length and the format e.g. billboard, lamppost, digital screen. Meaning the cost is tailored to your objectives. We help companies large and small. Whatever your budget, we can help put together an advertising plan just for you.

We have advertising space near many key locations, high streets, retail parks - targeting consumers whilst out shopping

We have billboards on many main roads, leading in and out of Cities and Town centres, with some being viewed over 1 million times a month

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How you can use Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising can be used for a variety of purposes – the way in which you advertise depends on your business needs. Here are some examples.

Winning local business:

Maybe you’re promoting an upcoming sale, or, your store is out of view of a main road. If a sale, you could book several panels in the area ensuring maximum exposure informing everybody of your offer. If you’re hidden from view, you could have a long term panel with a large arrow pointing in the direction of your store with a caption something along the lines of ‘Come & visit our Sofa superstore – 100m on the left!'

Increasing awareness of your organisation or business:

Research proves we spend more time out of home than ever before. The more times your advert has been seen, the better for your company. This means that when a potential customer is in need of a specific product or service, your business will be the one which springs to mind.​

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